Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Sup everyone..

After an interesting November of barely any games played and then a short disbanning on the troops, we are back and ready to DO WORK.

We decided that after all that we've been through and as high as we got in Division 1 (12th Overall at one time) we shouldn't just throw it away because a few players dont play anymore or others left for other teams or whatever the reason.

SO.. In the true spirit of Pittsburgh sports.. we are starting the fight to see just how far up the rankings we can climb over this next month.

At the time I am writing this entry.. I believe we are ranked 34th Overall in Division 1. And last I checked, we can easily get into the Top 30 with a few more wins and then hopefully even the Top 20 if we get a fair amount of games in and can go undefeated over the next week or two.


In an attempt to strengthen our squad.. We are considering MAYBE adding a couple new players.

If you feel that you can help us in this effort.. We are looking for a few SOLID goal scorers or STAY AT HOME Defensemen.


If you can bring something else to the table, we are always open for ideas but you will obviously be given a tryout first either way and then there will be certain rules to follow for actual Club games.

If you're interested.. feel free to contact myself (LEGAME58) or Russ (Russ Muffin) and we will try and set up a tryout whenever possible.




And just so we leave the night on a good note.. Here's a little fun ScreenCap from the other night when a few of us were on.. playing OTP with a bunch of d-bags.. (and I loosely quote vaevicts1: "I swear.. all of the other kids on here have to have down syndrome or something the way they play..")

Anyways.. were down 4-3 with seconds left in the game.. Russ Muffin picks up the puck and takes it up the right wing boards into their zone.

Crusty Crayon tries to make a break for the slot to get open for the pass.. but as he was trying to squeeze through the defenders who were locked onto attacking Russ.. one of them hits Crusty and knocks him off balance JUST as Russ makes the cross crease pass to the wide open Crusty.. WHO... does NOT bury it.. but instead.. watches as he slide into the corner along with the puck and our hopes of tying up the game.

Luckily this was not a club match or some heads would have been rolling.

Again.. Lets make this march into the Top 20 happen and regain some respect amongst the ranks!

Peace out kids.


Duff said...

**grabs popcorn**

Hillyer said...

I played quite a bit at college but we didn't have live. Now that im back home i do. I play as a LW sniper. My live name is Hillyer8

hughes4714 said...

hey i've tried contacting u guys in game, my id is hughes4714
I'm a player all the way around, except goalie. My 1 on 1 record is 88-17 and im ranked 850ish right now. I've been trying to find a good team for awhile to play on. I've been following your blog everyday and would be stoked to get a spot on one of your teams.

anyway just message me anytime, big win tonight against buffalo.
Go Pens!