Sunday, November 23, 2008

PrimantiBlog 2008

Well Jay Harris (ALLDAY 72) decided to pay up a little visit for the weekend. He flew up from all the way from Dallas, TX to take in a Steelers game on Thursday and a Pens game on Saturday.

Here are a few pics of his trip.

For everyone who was chasing me down at the game... Thank You.

I know my Jersey is awesome...

And, for the guys over at tPB... I'm sorry for all of the photos that people were sending in of my jersey. I got stopped like 15 times.

Team Photo... Well at least half of us.

Left to Right.

ALLDAY 72 (Jay), Crusty Crayon (Jack), Kevonic622 (Kevin) (In Back) Russ Muffin (Russ), and Dr Pain DDS (Jeff).

Thanks for the Beer Jeff.

Quotes of the Night.

"That can't be Jeff. That girl is too gorgeous for him." - Jay

(The next conversation went something like this.)

Jeff's Girlfriend - "So whats next big feature do you think that this NHL game is going to come out with?"

Russ - "I think you going to be able to put your face on a players body. Just imagine Jeff's Head on Lemieux's body."

Jeff's Girlfriend - "I would love that!"

Jeff - "I could print out a poster of it and hang it on the wall or on me whenever we do it."

Jeff starts a sexual motion.

Jeff - " Oh yeah! I'm Lemieux! Oh Yeah!"

Russ - "Jeff you got it all wrong. It goes. Ohh! I'm burying it!! ohh!"

We'll have to have another Bloggin again soon..

Peace Out.


dmbforum40 said...

jesus kevin.. is that you or your younger brother in the picture? and do you even have your learners permit yet?

kevonic622 said...

lmao its like that? so what if i look like im 16?

dmbforum40 said...

its ok.. if we ever need to crash a high school kegger.. you're our IN