Friday, November 14, 2008

Update Mid-November

Lets make this short and sweet. We havent play in like a month and we are still ranked in the top 20. I have no idea what our over-all record is....

I think it is 212-30-3? Kevonic622 is that right?

and Ranked 20th...

Since the patch that fixed the curve shot came out. We have been killing the teams that used to exploit that SHIT! All the teams in the top 20 are fucking crying their eyes out because they cannot actually play real hockey.

They remind us of Hartnell.

Thanks to chris on Cblog

(Click on the picture to see him do what he does best!)

It's hard to take him seriously. After I found out that he played on a WHL team named after a dick piercing.

Baby Dick.

We beat the HFBoards team in OT last night. We came back from 3 goals down to do this little beauty.

Ode to Errey.

Kevonic622 with the steal and pass over to Bob Errey aka Russ Muffin (Me)

Final Score 6-5 PensBlog Pros.

It's amazing how no one was covering me. Nubs.

We want to start a rivalry with someone. We think this can be our chance.

HFBoards your team fucking sucks. Nuff Said.

We have Lock Down D in Vaev1ct, Rocdiesel1, LEGAME58 (Formally known as dmbforum40), and O/D floater ALLDAY 72 (Formally known as Orange 001)

You know it's pretty bad whenever we change our names to fit the game.

More to come.

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Robo-Pope said...

Heh, I'm here from the SAS Dozers (SomethingAwful forums team). You guys kicked our asses yesterday, and props for it. Good luck on your run to the finals, you're damn close to the cutoff.
Also, HFBoards sucks. We beat their team 2 out of 3, and without most of our good players.